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     HyperSizer Material Manager

HyperSizer Material Manager™is a highly integratedsystem for storing and managing temperature dependent properties for all material types.
oGraphical composite laminate editor: Use familiar cut, paste, and copy functions for quick ply insertions and lay up arrangements.

oAutomatically generate laminate equivalent properties, i.e., effective laminate stiffness terms, effective modulus, effective stress/strain allowables. 
o Graph failure envelopes and stress/strain profiles automatically.

oChoose from many popular composite failure theories, such as Tsai-Wu, Tsai-Hill, Tsai-Hahn, etc.
oPerform dynamic “what-if” design changes and see their effects real time.
oDocument designs and analyses automatically with Documenter.
oMaintain composite and metallic data with the tightly integrated relational database management system. Mil Handbook 5 metallic and Mil Handbook 17 composite material family categories are in place already.

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