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HyperSizer Basic™ includes all the functionality of HyperSizer Material Manager™, such as composite laminate analysis, and adds stress analysis and detailed design optimization for over 50 different stiffened and sandwich panel and beam concepts. Any material or cross sectional dimension can be optimized to all load cases. Apply general edge loadings and/or boundary conditions through the Free Body Diagram software tab and solve for the resulting stresses and structural integrity using over 100 different failure analyses. Analyses include traditional industry methods and modern analytical and numerical solutions.
o50 different panel and beam concepts: i.e. integral blade, hat and Z shaped stiffened panels, honeycomb sandwich, isogrid, I beam, C channel

oAn analysis tool with most commonly performed structural analyses included and documented clearly
oExtensive panel and beam failure analyses such as cylindrical panel buckling and cross section crippling
oComplete margin-of-safety reporting for all analyses for limit and ultimate loads
oSimultaneous optimization of panel/beam concept, material selection, layup, and cross section dimensions, including linking of section variables

o Stiffness, frequency, deformation, and midspan displacement analysis and optimization 
o Free Body Diagram GUI with general edge loading and/or boundary conditions. Transverse pressure loadings
oIntegrated graphical display of the optimum cross design, to-scale, in VRML 
o Full temperature-dependency supported including through-the-thickness temperature gradients for panels 
o Composite loaded bolt holes 
o PDF documentation of equations and analysis methods

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