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HyperSizer Pro™ includes all the functionality of HyperSizer Basic™, plus couples with FEA for system level analysis and automatic finite element model resizing. Maintain and report results of a complete vehicle detail design. Perform advanced statistical optimization and find multiple robust optimum solutions for manufacturing producibility review. Plug-in your own analysis software to supplement HyperSizer’s methods and have their results integrated with and graphically displayed in the interface. 
o Coupling to FEM: Support for MSC/NASTRAN, I-DEAS, and FEMAP solvers and modelers, unlimited grids, elements, loadcases, etc.

o A documentation tool which not only sizes structures and makes detailed weight statements, but documents entire vehicle detailed stress in archiveable, easily readable, and easily transmittable HTML documents
oStatistical loading algorithms for determining "design-to" internal loads from the FEA results


oAdvanced Statistical Optimization: multiple robust design solutions, component surface linking
oUser defined analysis plug-ins (legacy codes) written in Fortran, C, or C++ programming languages 
o Integrated graphical display of the FEM and FEA computed loads, and all HyperSizer results on the FEM such as unit weights, failure modes, controlling load cases

o Entire System Analysis and Optimization
oEntire System Weight Predictions

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